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  • Linuxiarze Classifieds »

    Bazar. Linuxiarze. pl - moderated classifieds web portal by linuxiarze. pl. Our Bazar lets you add any classified to many categories, depends would you like to sell, buy, give for free something or have something interesting to do. Don't hesitate to paste your offer for free or make it more visible having extra adds via paid offer. All the offers are placed in separated categories, making them ease to search, list and rich. A contact form enclosed to each offer easy contact way to the classified author. We also invite you to add your entry in the business web directory too.

    Date added: 08 01 2018 · details of site »
  • Linuxiarze SEO Web Directory »

    Katalog. Linuxiarze. pl - moderated web directory by Linuxiarze. pl. Choose category and add your web site for free by submitting to this page and following easy the on-screen instructions. Our high positions in Google will help you positioning your website very well. We do not require registration, nor high positions/scores of your web page, just make us curious about your website. Katalog. Linuxiarze. pl is running continuously from 2012, and currently our directory is listed on the Top 50 best Polish directories. We also welcome non Polish web sites, but only Polish description requires.

    Date added: 04 01 2018 · details of site »
  • ArchiveOS »

    Archive of Operating Systems mission is saving the great job of many great people whose created Open Source and/or Freeware operating systems. The systems we archive are based on Linux, BSD, DOS, Solaris, and other, independent technology.
    Why we do that?
    The most important is to save the systems and let the next generations of users find them, try them and learn about them as much as possible. The old systems should not be used for daily usage on production workstations, but can be used for education purpose.

    Date added: 04 01 2018 · details of site »
  • SparkyLinux project site »

    SparkyLinux is a GNU/Linux distribution created on the "testing" branch of Debian. It features customized lightweight desktops (like Enlightenment, LXDE and Openbox), multimedia plugins, selected sets of apps and own custom tools to ease different tasks.

    Sparky is in-between the distros that are beginner-friendly and those, that require some amount of Linux knowledge. Beginning Linux users are advised to consult the project forums regarding any issues or doubts.

    Date added: 03 01 2018 · details of site »
  • Linux for business »

    Web service with ready-made solutions for the self-employed, business, organizations, and other communities. Contains a large database of applications for all size of companies and organizations. The list is created by the authors of the popular Linux related web portal Linuxiarze. pl. Applications are placed in separated categories to easy find whatever you need, for example: financial management, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, calendars and organizers, forums, wiki, web directories, online stores, mailing, etc, etc, as well as currency exchange rates and stock quotes.

    Date added: 02 01 2018 · details of site »
  • Linuxiarze.pl - Linux for people »

    Linuxiarze. pl is a popular web portal around Linux and other open-source operating systems. An excellent source of knowledge about Linux and its distributions for people who would like to start their adventure with the system. Contains a collection of easy-to-use guides, free download of hundreds operating systems, interesting programs of internet, multimedia, graphics, etc. for individual use and business too. In addition, you will find helpful tips, post, quizzes, desktop wallpaper, classifieds, and a web directory to promote your business or website.

    Date added: 31 12 2017 · details of site »
  • The Grand Cinema »

    The Grand Cinema is the South Sound's nonprofit home for independent, foreign and local film.

    Our mission: The Grand Cinema enriches lives and enhances the cultural vitality of the Greater Tacoma community through the art of film. As a nonprofit, we are supported by loyal patrons, volunteers, small staff and Board of Directors.
    Grand Cinema night

    In addition to screening independent, first-run films 365 days per year, The Grand is also the proud host of the Tacoma Film Festival, Tacoma Film Camp, 253 Short Film Party and many other unique film programs and special events.

    We love featuring locally made products in theater when ever possible. Find a selection of beers and wines made in Tacoma and the Pacific Northwest, as well as locally baked cookies, and ice cream made in Tacoma using locally sourced ingredients.

    Date added: 20 05 2017 · details of site »
  • Great internet dream book »

    Great internet dream book w-pigulce in a nutshell is a new, nice and free list of all dreams with detailed descriptions. Sleeping symbols appear in dreams. If you dreamed something check it out! Our online dream book lets you check the meaning of dreams and their interpretations.

    Date added: 13 04 2017 · details of site »
  • Royalty Free »

    Royalty-Free is an interesting photo blog, where you can purchase photos under a royalty-free license. There is a lot of good shots on the web site, in categories such as mountains, churches or castles. The service presents the most interesting work and a description of inspiration for bloggers. Blog deals with royalty-free photography and web pages graphics construction. In addition, many interesting entries.

    Date added: 11 04 2017 · details of site »

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