• Psychological Help Center
    Some people doing quite well in their professional life, but we often meet some guys thay have emotional problems, starting from shyness, and finishing with variety of psychological addiction. The offer of psychological support is addressed to them, focused on psychological problems through therapy conversation. The job of a clinical psychologist is to help changing a line of reasoning of person who need help and guide them on activities that will be bound to the achievement of the objectives. During a meeting with a psychologist a person with
  • Psychologist
    Patrick Lisikiewicz is Clinical Psychologist, sexologist, sex therapist and hypnotherapist. Is dedicated to providing professional help to adults, couples and youth. Sessions are held both at home and in the patient's office in the Municipal Hospital St. Cicha 27, 43-100 Tychy, Poland. and: Starostwo Powiatowe, room 30 (II floor), św. Kingi 1, 43-155
  • Vegetarianism
    There is many web sites about vegetarianism in the internet, but only our web site gives you a full and detailed description of issues such as, different varieties of vegetarianism. Not many people know that there are plenty of varieties of vegetarian life styles. You will learn on our web site about many vegetarian types. We are interested in not only vegetarianism. Thanks to our site you will learn a lot about healthy lifestyles and the defense of animal rights. We actively participate in demonstrations for fair treatment of
  • DNA testing for paternity
    Do you want to do a DNA test which can prove or exclude your fatherhood, but the cost is too high? Place an order for paternity test with us for only 559 PLN! As a foreign company we can offer you much lower prices. Check our website to see that our company paternity tests is an extremely interesting offer, which you can make. Paternity test such as are done using basis of the genetic material, which you can take yourself at home. Just place an order for a DNA test and proceed according to the accompanying
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