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    Saleilokale is a service for promoting wedding places, houses and conference rooms in Poland. If you do not know yet where to arrange a wedding or banquet, this is the perfect place for you. We have over 1000 locations all in Poland. We have rooms with free deadlines for the current year. Come in and check out what you can gain in addition to rent of the wedding hall. We understand that this is the only one day in your life you want to be perfect. This is your opportunity. Find a dream wedding place with saleilokale. If you are an owner of a place to rent, go and add it to our service. By adding a room to saleilokale you gain a new source of customer acquisition and become more visible against other competitors. It is also a great opportunity to raise the prestige of the room, because with the presentation you get a fully professionally designed business card of the wedding hall together with photos, tele-address information and a map of directions, and internet users can communicate with you through the registration form.

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